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Asia-Pacific-Weeks 2001
in Berlin,Germany


 17.-30. September 2001



For the third time, during the late summer 2001 the Asia - Pacific - Weeks will take place in the German federal capital city of Berlin under the patronage of the Prime Minister of the federal Sate of Berlin and it`s Governing Mayer Mr. Klaus Wowereit. Mr. Diepgen was a lawyer bevor he became the Gov. Mayer of Berlin.

The Asia-Pacific-Weeks will take into account the increasing economic, cultural and political significance of the fastest growing areas in the world.

Since 1997 every two years, Berlin will become one of the european centres for international relations, business, organisations, associations, and individuals related to the Asia-Pacific Region. Berlin which is placed in the heart of the European continent and which is the future Seat of  the Government of the in 1990 united Germany, is the hub of international dialogue and the window for German commitment in the world. No other place in Europe is as appropriate as Berlin for the exchange of  ideas and visions because of it’s history full of changes. End of June 2000 Mr. China`s MP Zhu Rongji visits Germany to confirm the decision to concentrate the next Asia Pacific Weeks in 2001 mainly on China.

The Asia-Pacific developing region shows greatest expansion in the economy and in trade flows. More and more people recognise the relocation  of the chief stress of the economy in this region, which only a few  decades ago had to fight with the inheritance of its past. During the last 50 years nations which have only recently become independent, have become flourishing newly industrialised  and industrialised countries. These countries achieve importance nowadays not only because of their economic development but also because of their social mobility and dynamism. It can be foreseen that the developing countries in Asia Pacific will  considerably influence and mould the development of the next century  because of their important economic potential. Even the countries which avoided  contact with the international public in the last centuries and wanted to find their own way into the future, now recognise that the future can only be successfully moulded when the „bamboo curtain“ has been raised. Opening up brings freedom and exchange. Both these characteristics are the premiss for a positive future development.

The countries in this region stand out not only because of their success. The particular gift of the Asia-Pacific population to link tradition and the modern age, adjusting it to their own conditions, makes their capacity clear not only to give answers full of promise but also their capacity to translate them into action. In Asia it turned out that the long burden of the North-South conflict could be overcome for the benefit of all the peoples involved.

The Asia-Pacific-Weeks should bring the countries and regions in Asia, Australia and Europe closer together. Various kinds of activities involving economy, culture, social and political topics will take place in the period from 17th September to the end of September 2001 in Berlin and Brandenburg. Enterprises, organisations, the public, all the people who are interested are invited to take part in the Asia-Pacific-Weeks with their own activities or in association with others. In this period Berlin will be the meeting point and the place for strategic discussions, alliances, cooperations, meetings or simply entertainment and for getting to know each other.

The German and European interest in the Asia Pacific region is traditionally considerable. For this reason we are confident that the Asia-Pacific-Weeks could be the beginning of  greater enterprise in the future.

Aims of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks

Bringing together the available knowledge and experiences in culture, science and economy, which are specially available in Germany, it is possible to attract attention during the Asia-Pacific-Weeks to the significance of the developing regions.

The Aims of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks in Berlin are particularly:

·        the creation of a lasting centre of dialogue and exchange between the East and the West, especially between the European countries and the developing Asia-Pacific regions,

·        the building and the strengthening of existing relations between businesses, organisations, scientific institutions and individuals,

·        the development and realisation of new initiatives, regarding the efforts to change the world after the end of the cold war,

·        the speading of information about the countries of this region, their economical, political, social, cultural and geographical peculiarities,

·        the awakening of reciprocal curiosity,

·        the improvement of cultural understanding, the encouragement of tolerance in order to contribute to cultural dialogue and exchange,

·        the fostering of development of economic co-operation through commerce and investments on all sides,

·        the presentation  of the various firm’s and institution’s activities,

·        the intensification of  intercultural and scientific collaboration between universities, and colleges as well as between students and also the exchange of trainee students.

The Asia-Pacific-Weeks are addressed to a specialised public as well as to politicians, industrialists, individuals, business people and organisations.

The countries of the Asia Pacific regions - for example Pakistan, India, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Chorea, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Indonesia will be presented during the talks, firm-presentations, the various countries´ economic-days,  open door days, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre-, film and opera performances. In the future a concentration on a particular region is foreseen.

The whole region should find and maintain the attention of the public and of all the people and organisations involved.


The MP of the State of Berlin and Mayor of the capital city of Berlin has taken over the sponsorship of the Asia - Pacific Weeks.

Apart from this, a board of trustees has been formed in order to give an incentive to the Asia - Pacific Weeks and to expand their ideas in the important German associations and institutions. Members of the Board of Trustees are, among others, the Federal Foreign Minister Johann Fischer, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Werner Müller, the Federal Minister for Education, Science, Research and Technology Mr. Buhlman, the President of the Asia-Pacific German Economic Committee (APA) Dr. Heinrich von Pierer (Siemens AG), the President of the Federal Association of the German Industry - BDI - Dr. Hans-Olaf Henkel, the President of the Deutschen Industrie- und Handelstag-DIHT - President Hans Peter Stihl, the President of the Ostasiatischer Verein e.V. (East-Asia Business Association) Consul Edgar Nordmann, the President of the Goethe-Institute Prof. Hilmer Hoffmann, the Management Board Spokesman of the Bankgesellschaft Berlin (Berlin Bank Company) Dr. Wolfgang Rupf, the General Representative of the Daimler Benz AG Matthias Kleinert, member of the Managing Board of Schering AG and of OAV Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohle,  member of the Managing Board of the Commerzbank AG Klaus Patig and the Management Board Spokesman for the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW AG) and member of  the Management Board of the OAV Dr. Gert Vogt; the President of the Asien Pazifik Forum Berlin e.V. Dr. Martin Posth (Honory Citizen of the City of Shanghai and former CEO VW Shanghai), the Executive Vice .President of the Asia-Pacific-Forum Attorney at Law Eberhard J. Trempel.

Opening event and Timeschedule

The first Asia-Pacific-Weeks will take place from 17 th September to 30 th September 2001 in Berlin. The „weeks“ will be officially opened in the „traditional Berliner Rathaus - Town Hall“ on 17th September in the presence of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Because of the long preparation period some events will start before the official opening or slightly later.

The Asia Pacific Forum Berlin, represented amoung others by attorney-at-law ans Executive Vice President Mr. Eberhard J. Trempel have on request of the governing mayor in Berlin Klaus Wowereit taken on together with the Managing office of the Prime Minister (Senatskanzlei) the overall control of the organisation of the Asia-Pacific Weeks.

The governing mayor in Berlin Klaus Wowereit on the occasion of the Asia - Pacific Weeks will invite his colleagues from the metropolis Asia and Australia/New Zealand to Berlin.

The Department for Foreign Affairs and the international German Chambers for Industry and Commerce have instructed  their representatives to draw attention to the Asia - Pacific Weeks in order to encourage delegations to visit Berlin in this period.

The representatives of the head associations of the German and european economy in the Asia-Pacific-Committee of the German economy have confirmed not only their collaboration in the Board of Trustees of the Asia - Pacific Weeks but also their collaboration in the carrying  out thereof.

The resident Federal Republic Ambassadors, General Consuls and Consuls have promised their active support during the Asia Pacific weeks and despite the very short preparation time they have already started with the organisation of events.

Participation possibilities

The participation in the Asia - Pacific-Weeks with one’s own projects and activities is open.

The only reservation, is that the participents should contribute at the highest possible level to the improvement and deepening of  reciprocal relations. It should not provoke the opposite effect or put the existing and complex relationship with our partner-countries at  risk.

The taking part in the Asia-Pacific Weeks follows the principle of  personal responsibility of the participants and interested people. Public funds for the financing of single projects are not available. Each organiser must finance his own project  or he can find sponsors or participate in the financing of an event. The organisers and the co-ordinators can help find suitable co-organizers, rooms, dates and contacts.

The internet-company on project development China will host a conference for the service industry (lawyers, tad advisors, public accountants a.s.o.) and seeks to create networks between european and asian companie`s an law firms. Some hundreds of business people from Europa and Asia are travelling to Berlin during the weeks.

General Information and contacts

Current information about the Asia-Pacific-Weeks 2001 can be found on Internet under the following addresses:, , (Homepage and Informationcentre of Berlin),

The Partner für Berlin GmbH (Partner for Berlin Ltd) will organize the general application of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks. From the end of May 2001 a temporary program about the individual activities will be available and can be looked up on Internet.

The managing office of the governing mayor in Berlin  has taken over the organisation of the general co-ordination of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks. One can address general and specific questions on culture, science and art to the following address:

Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin (The governing mayor in Berlin):

Senatskanzlei- Dr. Rainer Seider, Abteilung III B 1, Fax.: (+49)(030)-2401 2325

The co-ordination of the economic-days and the single events regarding  this topic will take place with the fully authorised representatives of the governing mayor.

Attorney at law Eberhard J. Trempel

(Trempel & Associates) -

Spichernstr. 15

10777 Berlin

Fax.:            (+49) (030) 218 54 32




When you are interested to join the Asian-Pacific-Weeks as an assisting or sponsering Partner please contact us.


Come to Berlin and become a friend of the Asia-Pacific-Network with Europe


or the networks to be created between lawyers please contact us. Send us your profil to be published with in Germany and Europe. Let us know which sbject is of your interest.



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