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The Year of the Golden Dragon (2001/2001)

On 5 February 2000 the placid Year of the Rabbit made way for the volatile Year of the Golden Dragon. Taking place once in every 60-year cycle the Golden Dragon promises to be an exciting and auspicious year.

In ancient China, dragons did not breathe fire. They were wise and caring and guarded the wind, the rain, the rivers, precious metals and germs. Legend says that the farther Dragons travel from their home in China, the more toes they lose. This is why the Chinese Dragon has five toes, the Korean Dragon has four toes and the Japanese Dragon has three. Fortunately, when wandering dragons return home to China, all their missing toes grow back. But, as most dragons would prefer to keep all their toes all the time, few dragons ever wander very far from home.

If you are a Dragon (1916-1928-1940-1952-1964-1976-1988-2000)

If you were born in the Year of the Dragon, you are the life of any party and the star of any group. You posses natural charisma and boundless energy, which attracts people to you. However, your inclination towards exhibitionism can be interpreted as arrogance and puts off many people. Your brave and charitable nature makes you a good fried. You lack patience with people who cannot keep up with stamina, and can be obstinate and too outspoken, even through there is often value in your criticism. You are a born leader and find it difficult when your career progress is in the hands of another person. It is crucial for you to have new challenges and sufficient free reign. Your partners are often spellbound by your impressive presence and charming ways and it is not unusual for you to have many admirers and flit from one partner to the other. Your ideal partner is someone who is not threatened by your star qualities and gives you the space to express yourself – Monkeys and Rats are ideal.

Your year ahead

Success will come easily to you during this action packed year. Business should boom and money come your way. Big spending and lavish plans are the rule of the day. A Dragon year should fill you with renewed energy after a recuperative Year of the Rabbit. Throw caution to the wind, roll up your sleeves and you will receive recognition for your efforts. You decisive, frank character coupled with your inherent good fortune means things more often than not turn out the way you hope.


(Prosperous wishes)

Your year ahead

Rat (1912-1924-1936-1948-1960-1972-1984-1996)

Business opportunities and romance will thrive this year. You will be recognised for your achievements. An exciting time as business and romance will thrive. The Rat will have a smooth, stress free year. Be sensible as promotions and financial gains head your way. You will be recognised for your achievements, but be on guard against newfound friends who may be inclined to abuse your friendship.

Ox (1912-1925-1937-1949-1961-1973-1985-1997)

Changes and unexpected troubles will keep you preoccupied but new, influential contacts will keep you on the straight and narrow. Plans will be realised but be patient as they may take a while to materialise. Work hard, be patient and tireless and stick to your conventions. Through work you should come in contact with helpful and influential people who can help you up the career ladder.

Tiger (1914-1926-1938-1950-1962-1974-1986-1998)

Expect no large losses of gains. Stay level-headed when having to adapt to changes in your personal life. You symbolise power and passion; maintain these qualities and you will have an easy ride Through the year of the Dragon. You may find it hard to raise funds for important projects so be careful when making investments recommended by others.

Rabbit (1915-1927-1939-1951-1963-1975-1987-1999)

A moderately happy and tranquil year bat a busy time at home and work. Money-wise, things could be mediocre but as a Rabbit in the year of the Dragon you will find it easy to be congenial and contented, as overall gains should exceed losses. You may make some powerful new Friends who will prove useful in your dealings at work, but avoid becoming romantically involved.

Snake (1917-1929-1941-1953-1965-1977-1989)

No sizeable gains can be expected in career or business. Be aware of others, especially jealous associates and their malicious gossip. The worst of your troubles will be over by the summer and things will improve throughout the year – expect good news during the winter months. Be shrewd, keep your wallet close to your heart and avoid extravagance.

Horse (1918-1930-1942-1954-1966-1978-1990)

A year to cultivate some new friends and appease your enemies. The year of the Dragon brings unsteady and unsettled affairs. Loved ones many try your patience. Worries will weigh heavily but the storm will blow itself out, so keep your chin up and look on the bright side of life. Take care of your health.

Sheep (1919-1931-1943-1955-1967-1979-1991)

Stay calm – expect a hectic but sober year. It is not a year to lead bat one to follow or stay well out of the way. Your gains will be marginal and it may be difficult to accumulate any extra cash. Disputes are possible especially in your personal life, but not too many calamities. Ride out the storm, relax and spend some time on your own. This is not a year to make life-changing decisions.

Monkey (1920-1932-1944-1956-1968-1980-1992)

Wealth will come in the form of knowledge and technology. The benefits may not be tangible or easily recognised bat will stand you in good stead in years to come. Trouble and unsettled differences could cloud your mind when trying to obtain better deals or outsmart those at work. You may have to spend your own money to push your plans through, so spend wisely. A year to watch and learn.

Rooster (1921-1933-1945-1957-1969-1981-1993)

You have the power to shape your destiny an to make this a good and prosperous year. Success is shining on you so make the most of your energy. Be prepared to take in a leading role at work. Bright and happy days are in store in the year of the Dragon. Home- and health-wise, there may be some frustrations and dealing with them could make you tired and tense. Births or marriages are on the Horizon.

Dog (1922-1934-1946-1958-1970-1982-1994)

Lie low and join forces with others, the year of the Dragon could be slightly difficult for you. Strive hard to maintain your status at work and fight off competition. Continue bringing happiness to close ones but beware they don’t end up taking advantage of you. Good news leading your way in the winter months.

Pig (1923-1935-1947-1959-1971-1983-1995)

A smooth year. Winning the support of someone powerful puts you in the position to please superiors. Your level-headedness and calm approach at work will earn you the respect and recognition. Family life will be trouble-free and uncomplicated but expect some minor upsets or loss of personal belongings.


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