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Jeder Fall liegt anders. Das gilt auch in allen Vertragsfragen, die eine Kooperation gleich welcher Art in China betreffen.


Die nachfolgende Grobgliederung dient der Anregung und kann naturgemäß nicht den eigenen Entwurfsansatz verdrängen.


Joint Venture Contract (Gliederung)



General Provisions :

In accordance with the “Laws of The People’s of China on Contractual Joint Ventures using Chinese and Foreign Investment”, the Letter of Intent ("CONTRACT") agreed upon by the parties and other relevant Chinese laws and regulations, on the basis of principle of equality and mutual benefits,




a joint venture company limited organized and validly existing under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, registered with the District Court (Amtsgericht) Berlin, Registration No. HRB _______ with its legal address _____________,._____________ Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, represented by its legal representative

Reg.No: ___________________________;

Business Licence: _______________________

Place of Issue: ______________________

owner of the trade- and service mark “In living Colour” – see Annexes - in all related clases

(hereinafter: „Party C« )


have agreed to establish and invest jointly in a – cooperative - joint venture enterprise in Beijing, P.R.C. and concluded this joint venture contract (hereinafter referred to as Contract).


Article 1. Establishment of the Joint Venture joint venture company (“contractual”)

Article 2. Purposes & Business Scope

Article 3. Approval and registration

Article 4. Merits, Duties, contractual rights and obligations

Article 5. Video tapes and other media

Article 6. Withdraw of property

Article 7. Encrease of contribution

Article 8. Default by a Party - Leistungsverzug

Article 9. Loans & Payments

Article 10. Evaluation - Bewertung

Article 11. Duration, Termination and Dissolution - Geschäftsjahr und Dauer

Article 12. Supply of Raw Materials and Utilities

Article 13. Sales Of Products

Article 14. Preparation and Construction

Article 15. Balance of Foreign Exchange

Article 16. Staatliche Aufsicht und Inhaltskontrolle

Article 17. Management Organizations - Geschäftsführung, Anzahl, Vertretung (Board of Directors)

Article 9. Board of Directors

Article 18. General Management

Article 19. Business plan - – Bank Accounts

Business plan:

Bank and Capital Accounts:

Operating Profit or Loss:

Transfer during taxable year:


Operating cash flow:

Property distributions:

Article 20. Taxation and Profite Distribution - Steuern, Finanzen, Buchprüfung, Gewinnverteilung

General provisons:

Devidends policy

Article 21. Finance, Accounting and Auditing

Article 22. Insurance

Article 23. Competition clause

Article 24. Auditing - Information Rights

Article 25. Invoicing - Fakturierung

Article 26. Representations, Guarantees & Claims

Representations and Warranties by Partner A/B.

Representations and Warranties by Party C.

Article 27. Brand, Copyrights, Licences, Patents

Article 28. Transfer von shares and rights, know how etc.

General Prohibition:

Permitted transfer:

Condition precedent:

Article 29. Labor Management - Arbeitnehmer und Mitarbeiterplanung

Staff and Workers

Article 30. Assignment Of Capital Contributions or rights

Transfer of Investment

Article 31. Liquidation

Article 32. Succession - Rechtsnachfolge

Article 33. Confidentiality, Exclusivity

Article 34. Protection of sources and clients

Article 35. Damages

Article 36. Contractual Penalty

Article 37. Force Majeure

Article 38. Indemnification

By the Venture.

By a Venturer:

Procedure for Defense.

Article 39. Applicable Law

Article 40. Languages of the Joint Venture


Article 41.   Settlement of Disputes - /Arbitrage

Article 42. Severability

Article 43. Cancellation of business in case of non approval

Article 44. Waiver, Amendments

Article 45. Power of Attorney

Article 46. Articles of Association

Article 47. Miscellaneous


Article 48. Annexes -

Documents Chinese Party:

Documents German Party:



This Contract is signed by the authorized representatives of the Parties in China on ____


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